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April 20, 2019- Saturday

Spring Running School


  • Start Time : 7:00 AM


  • Ann Arbor
  • 200 N 4th Ave
  • 48104
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  • 6 Mile : RUN


  • $60



Running School is designed for individuals who want a little extra guidance with their half-marathon training program. The only experience required is to be able to run (run/walk) for at least an hour. The school’s goal is to help the runner get to the start line healthy and injury free.

Spring Running School 6-weeks – Starts Saturday 4/20/19 and ends with the Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon on Sunday 6/2/19.

Cost: $60 for a 6-week class.

Class Includes:

A training plan based on your ability
5 levels of pace groups to train with. sub-8, 9, 10, 11, & 12+/mile
5 classes following your Saturday group run
Tuesday night workouts
Discount to Dexter-Ann Arbor Half-Marathon

Training Days:

Tuesdays 6pm at Ann Arbor Running Co. (200 N Fourth Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104).
Saturdays 7am at Ann Arbor Running Co. (200 N Fourth Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104).


Be able to run (run/walk) for at least an hour
Own a running watch or stop watch
Be able to access google documents
Own a good pair of running shoes
Own reflective gear for early start times


Individualized basic schedules
Group run each Saturday morning
Tuesday night workouts with Parker Performance Training
5 training classes after Saturday morning run
Weekly email lessons
Final send off class with “continental breakfast” – June 1, 2019
Spring Fling Party with all Run Ann Arbor Members
Discounts for “private coaching” from Nick Stanko and Michael Parker
Discounts for Dexter-Ann Arbor Half-Marathon race entry

Join the Ann Arbor Running Co./Run Ann Arbor group runs each and every Saturday. Get a “sampling” of the great camaraderie and support that Run Ann Arbor has to offer.

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