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April 21, 2018- Saturday

Dome Roam 5K


  • Start Time : 12:00 PM


  • East Lansing
  • 48825
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  • 5K : RUN/WALK



Imagine curving paths in dense greenery, lush tropical plants, small lizards darting to and fro, flowers filling the air with sweet aromas, a tall sparkling waterfall, and a pond with fish and frogs. All these features and more will be in the Student Greenhouse Project’s Biodome.
The former Butterfly House at MSU was the class trip destination for 18,000 school children per year from all over lower Michigan. Sparrow patients were recommended to go there for health walks. Thousands of people went to the old greenhouse to learn and enjoy. Unfortunately, it no longer exists. However, the students of The Student Greenhouse Project will change this! We are working to build a new greenhouse, student designed, with a tropical garden inside that will be accessible to everyone year-round. Our goal is to bring people together and immerse them in nature.
As part of our ongoing efforts, we are hosting a 5k run/walk/roll on Michigan State’s very own campus. This fundraiser will not only supports us and our ultimate goal of building the Biodome, but raises awareness for the importance of nature in college life and the impacts that nature has on our own well-being. We are asking for your participation in our race as we see this as a great opportunity to fund our needed engineering analysis for the dome. The race will be held April 21st 2018 at noon. More details and a sign-up registration can be found at the link below. Thank you for your consideration in our cause.

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