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March 18, 2018- Sunday

Nain Rouge Gaine


  • Start Time : 10:00


  • Brighton
  • 48116
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  • 20 Mile : OTHER


  • 1/22/18 to 3/11/18 = $60.00 per person (+ small online registration fee)



Race Date: Sunday, March 18, 2018
Location: Brighton, Michigan (Brighton Recreation Area)
Length: 6 hour Rogaine
Disciplines: Trail Running and Orienteering
5 Divisions: Solo Male, Solo Female, 2-Person Coed, 2-Person Male, 2-Person Female
Who: Beginner to Experienced Adventurers!
Racer Check-In: 8:00am to 9:00am
Race Briefing & Maps: 9:00am
Race Start: 10:00am
Race Cutoff: 4:00pm
Post Race Food: Starting at 3:30pm
Results Ceremony, Prizes & Giveaways: 4:15pm

6 Hour Rogaine (Long Orienteering Event). Competitors will locate Orienteering Controls, in an all optional format using supplied electronic punch sticks, throughout the Rec Area in attempt to find the Nain Rouge and ward him off. The Nain Rouge is a red dwarf that is said to have been haunting the area in and around Detroit for the last 300 years!

Detailed Orienteering topographical maps will be provided pre-marked with control points, as well as a DNR Recreation Area map. The total trekking will be around 30K – depending on a your selected route and number of CP’s achieved. Not all control points will be required to finish as an officially ranked team/individual; however, the more control points a team/individual obtains, the higher they will rank in the overall standings. Teams / individuals can choose to trek on trails or bushwhack through the wilderness!

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