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May 12, 2018- Saturday

Gateway Triathlon


  • Start Time : 8:00 AM


  • Carlyle
  • 801 Lake Road
  • 62231
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  • Super Sprint Tri: $45
    Sprint/Olympic Tri: $90
    Relay: $150



Carlyle, Illinois is considered the gateway to the Gateway of St Louis, MO, located about 45 minutes east of the Gateway City. It is also home to Illinois’ biggest lake, an Army Corps. of Engineers man-made lake, which is just perfect for the season opening race.

Perfect for the swim discipline that parallels the dam, so hundreds of spectators can watch. Perfect for the fast, flat out and back bike course on lightly traveled roads. Perfect for an out and back run course closed to traffic with a mile stretch on the dam, so those same spectators can watch the event unfold a mile into the run discipline and the final mile stretch. Finally, it is perfect for its post race snack tent, awards and the date it is hosted on.

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