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September 02, 2018- Sunday

Michigan Championships


  • Start Time : 7:30 AM


  • Detroit
  • 48207
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  • Super Sprint: $45
    Sprint/Olympic Tri: $100
    Duathlon: $100
    Relay: $150



The state’s Triathlon, Duathlon, Club, and Team Championships… but of course this event is OPEN TO EVERYONE!

Back to Shelter 1, Rest assured if you want to end the season with a lightning fast PR, this is the place and race to achieve that. Test yourself against your time from the Motor City Triathlon and see if you improved your performance over the racing season.

With the smell of autumn in the air, most regular users of the island enjoy a more serene setting as the island starts to calm down from the hectic summer. That’s why we chose this venue as a "double" venue, once in early summer and once in late summer; and we will make it one worth doing twice. Come to Downtown Detroit and enjoy a baseball or football game, a beautiful night at the theater, symphony, or museum and stay at one of the 4-star casino’s with great food options. So many great things to see and do with your significant other or family!

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