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July 15, 2018- Sunday

TRI Holly


  • Start Time : 8:00 AM


  • Holly
  • Http://
  • 48442
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  • other : OTHER


  • Super Sprint Tri: $45
    Sprint/Olympic Tri: $55
    Relay: $90



Herron Lake is a motor free lake, one of the few left out there. It is very clean and clear, you will have a rectangle course straight out, across 30m and back in.

Water temp has been in the 70s every year.

The bike is not only 100% closed to traffic, but it is fun and challenging - rolling to hilly at times. The perfect course for those looking for an exhillerating challenge. Communication is needed as it is a 3mi course, down and back equaling 6 miles. Three loops will complete the bike discipline and it is your responsibility to count laps. A fast downhill turn at the Transition Area end will require braking and handling and focus.

The run course is a trail run, entirely through the woods of the park. The course has been widened to accomodate several hundred runners for passing opportunities. This is a challenging run course, with lots of rolling hills, but it is never boring and a lot of fun to run.

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