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January 27, 2018- Saturday

The Bone Chiller 5K


  • Start Time : 10:00am


  • Waterford
  • 825 S. Williams Lake Road
  • 48327
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  • 5K : TRAIL RUN



Think you’re up for the challenge? With 3.1 miles of snow-covered trails and icy terrain your skills will be put to the test! Join us on Saturday, January 27th at 10am at Hess-Hathaway Park in Waterford, Michigan for this Bone Chilling event! After you’ve proven yourself and crossed the finish line, meet your friends and family in Hess-Hathaway’s toasty lodge with a roaring fire and delicious drinks and snacks.

A portion of our proceeds will go toward the Hess-Hathaway Historical Farm. This site has been a provider of community learning and development for agriculture and animal care for decades. Let’s help keep this important historical site up and running so future generations can enjoy the park and the myriad of educational benefits it provides for our community.

This year we are also offering a virtual option for those that can't make it to our race!

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