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October 21, 2017- Saturday

Purple Run


  • Start Time : 9:00am


  • Ann Arbor
  • 2281 Bonisteel Blvd
  • 48109
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The Annual Purple Run is an exciting collaboration between the University of Michigan Police Department, the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office, and SafeHouse Center to bring our community together while highlighting the prevalence of Domestic Violence. In Washtenaw County, law enforcement and advocates work very closely with one another and, whether it is on active cases or community events, we are actively engaged in protecting and safe-guarding the public. The Purple Run is much more than a fundraiser. Our goal is to raise awareness about Domestic Violence and to help the community recognize this issue affects all of us. There is strength in numbers, and we are so excited that you want to join us and make a statement to survivors that there is support in our community. Every 60 seconds, 20 people are subject to inter-partner violence. Let’s work together to bring this number down! We’re running domestic violence out of town.

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