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November 11, 2017- Saturday

Migratory 5K Fun Run


  • Start Time : 10:00 AM


  • Holland
  • 4214 56th Street
  • 49423
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  • 5K : TRAIL RUN
  • 5K : RUN/WALK



The Outdoor Discovery Center Macatawa Greenway is partnering with Gazelle Sports of Holland, to create a unique run through the trails of our beautiful 150 acre nature preserve. Our goal is to bring new people to our facility and bring awareness to over three miles of trails in which they can walk, run, or hike daily, from dawn until dusk.

The Migratory 5K is based around the fall migration of birds. Participants are able to choose if they would rather walk instead of run. They do have the opportunity to take a picture with a bird of prey after the run. Those who sign up 2 weeks before the event date will be guaranteed a long sleeve t-shirt. This is a fun event for individuals or families. The funds raised from this event will be donated to the food and care of the ODC's birds of prey, located on the ODCMG nature preserve.

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