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March 25, 2017- Saturday

10th Annual Passion for Life 5k Run/Walk and 5 Mile Run




  • Walled Lake
  • 142 E Walled Lake Dr
  • 48390
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  • 5K : RUN/WALK
  • 5 Mile : RUN


  • Pre-Registration Price
    Adults (12+): $30
    Children (Under 12): $15

    Race Day Registration Price
    Adults (12+): $35
    Children (Under 12): $20



The Passion for Life 5K & 5 mile Run/Walk benefits U of M C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital and our Inspirational Families. This is the 10th Annual event and every year the Passion for Life Organization chooses an Inspirational Family for that year's event. Our Inspirational Families receive financial grants yearly until 18 years of age. Our tenth Inspirational Family is the McEwen family. Elana is a thirteen year old girl from Bloomfield Hills, MI. Elana has a rare, incurable, life threatening disease called Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD). PCD is a genetic disorder where the tiny hair-like structures (cilia) that are supposed to move mucus out of airways either move abnormally or do not move at all. Despite everything Elana has been through, and continues to go through, she is always happy. She also spends time helping support other charities as well as the PCD Foundation. Elana is such a selfless girl, even though she could easily wallow in self-pity. She inspires everyone she comes in contact with.

For more information on the the event and supporting Elana and C. S. Mott Children's Hospital, please visit our website -

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